Extensive increase in volume

An extensive increase in volume using hyaluronic acid is like a subtle facelift without using a scalpel. Based on comprehensive facial analysis (shadow analysis), the entire anatomy of the face is considered. In this process, I strive to accentuate your natural facial features that have lost their fullness, shape and, therefore, expression over time. The unity of the forehead, temples and cheeks is once more brought closer to the youthful heart-shaped shape. The eyes are framed in such a way that they do not disappear as deeply into the eye socket and thus appear to be lighter and brighter. The under eyelid eye area is softened by the hyaluronic acid in such a way that, ideally, you will no longer need any concealer.

In addition, the lower third of the face is also included, possibly also including the lip area, that is subtly “tightened up” using hyaluronic acid, leaving the face softer and sensuous once more. With small amounts of hyaluronic acid, a great effect can be achieved above the chin area, which is often neglected in conventional treatment concepts. Although the neck cannot be completely tightened if there is a lot of excess skin, the annoying horizontal lines can be excellently smoothed out using hyaluronic acid. The neck appears to be longer and smoother once more due to the even appearance of the skin.

Not looking different, but better

Less is more, as the motto says. The aim of an extensive increase in volume is to use the filler in such a way as to create a harmonious overall picture - without over-correction and without distorting natural facial features. Finally, as a rule my patients generally do not want to look different, but better: fresher, more positive, and of course younger. Two treatment sessions are normally sufficient for this. The treatments can take place within a short space of time as there are rarely visible side effects such as swelling or bruising thanks to the special injection and cannula technique (pix’L cannula).