Forehead / temples / eyebrows

What is it they say? Necessity is the mother of invention. Due to my own ageing process and the constantly growing aesthetic demands, it is essential that I constantly develop my range of treatments. More and more individual consideration and an artistic touch during treatment is required so that faces can continue to be distinguishable and retain their distinguishing features. An increase in volume on the forehead, temples and eyebrows is an important building block here.

A surprisingly immediate effect can be achieved using a very elaborate and precise injection of hyaluronic acid in the area of the temples, upper eyelids, eyebrows and, in particular, also above the lateral sides of the forehead where very clear indentations and wrinkles sometimes form and which create the expression of tired, heavy eyes. Your eyes become radiant again and your eyebrows are lifted naturally. When comparing side by side, this is an impressive experience for patients.

The use of Botox can be reduced to a minimum when using this concept, which is of particular advantage for older people for whom Botox always has a more unnatural effect than it does for younger patients. Botulinum toxin is still only the method of choice for pronounced expression lines, in particular frown lines – at any age.