individual face balance® (ifb)

We continue to improve our understanding of the principles of facial ageing. It was not too long ago that we primarily attributed the age-related changes in the face to a loss of elasticity in the connective tissue. Since then, we have found out that the loss of and change in fatty tissue is the most important factor. Fat is the core structure of the face. It bestows the face its youthful fullness and shape. It decreases and shifts with age, which is also reflected in the surface of the face: cheeks and under eyelids droop. Your skin becomes slack and the shape of your face more angular, just like a balloon that lets out air over time.


Animation - upper layer of fat

These scientific discoveries alongside many others, in particular about the anatomy of fatty tissue, have significantly influenced me in the development of my treatment concepts and taken me in a completely new direction: Moving away from one-dimensional skin tightening to an extensive, three-dimensional increase in volume that regulates the key features of an ageing face, such as the nasolabial folds and the layered chin and jaw contour, from deep within. Depending on your needs, all aesthetic parts of the face can be reached in this way and can all be brought into a particularly naturally effective balance. It is not for nothing that I named the concept individual face balance®.

The special cannula I use, known as a blunt pix’L needle, allows for a high level of precision and maximum comfort for my patients. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid, identical to that found in the body, of the highest quality offer the highest possible level of safety and variability which is proven by my own experience and numerous international studies.