Lips / upper lip wrinkles

Lips are a special anatomical feature. Together with your eyes and nose, they form a sort of magic triangle that attracts and fixes the view of those looking at you. Even with minor lip correction, it is all the more important to view everything as a whole and avoid over-correction.

With hyaluronic acid products, the consistency of which has been specially adjusted to labial tissue, individual corrections are possible: For example, the lips can only lightly be gone over, as if with a lip liner, in order to thwart the growth of mouth wrinkles. Some volume can also be subtly added in order to preserve the natural shape of the lips which caves inwards somewhat with age. Asymmetries can be balanced out at the same time and the corners of the mouth slightly lifted.

For this procedure, as with essentially all volume building treatments, the face’s individual anatomy must be followed. Less is more when it comes to filler and, when skillfully administered, no-one can guess that a needle has gone anywhere near your lips. Rather than having an effect like that of an injection, it simply has a sensuous and soft effect. This is especially important to me!