Muscle stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation is an effective treatment with its roots in physiotherapy. It is used for example if targeted muscle building is required after injury. With a low (harmless) stimulation current, the musculature is stimulated and built up without having to be actively moved or exercised. The Picotoner is a modern and easy-to-handle device which also reaches the facial muscles.

A glove acts as an electrode here, via which the desired muscle contractions can be effortlessly and pleasantly induced.

The Picotoner is therefore almost like a personal trainer for your face. It can be used comfortably, independently and safely at home or on the move to retighten facial muscles, thereby achieving a stable tissue network. When used once a day – for best results, use in the morning – for five to ten minutes, clearly tighter contours can already be seen after a short period of time. In addition, accumulated lymphatic water is drained as an immediate effect. As a result, the so-called tear sacks on the lower lids for example are significantly softened. As blood vessels are also controlled by the muscles, you benefit from better circulation and thus from a fresh, rosy complexion that lasts the whole day and makes you feel good.