Surface of the face / mesolift

The term mesolift is used rather generally. Meso means middle, i.e. the middle layer. I consider everything that we offer for treatment in the middle to upper skin layers as being in the “mesolift” sphere of activity in my practice. It originally comes from France where it still remains an inherent part of the lunchtime beauty regime today – just like a visit to the hairdresser. Vitamins and other cosmetic ingredients are typically applied to the skin surface and worked in with an injector. In my practice, I use a particularly free-flowing hyaluronic acid for more efficiency, for example Restylane VITAL Light, which also reach the entire middle layer of skin by using microneedling.

In addition or as an alternative, special hyaluronic acid preparations can also be applied into the smallest wrinkles, using a normal injection needle. Just like with increasing volume using hyaluronic acid in the deep layers of the skin, the aim of this treatment is the regeneration of collagen. This manifests on the surface of the skin just like the front of a house that has been replastered. The skin’s complexion becomes rosy, fresh and radiant. The use of vitamin A (retinol) can boost this effect spectacularly.