Treatment philosophy

“Forever young?” For me this is an empty promise that sounds similar to “everything is possible”. I don’t believe either to be true. Even though much is possible with plastic surgery today, the price for striving for this is far too high. Numerous prominent examples show that it can ultimately even cost you your credibility and personality, not to mention the health aspects.

An “age-appropriate beauty”, that has a natural effect and that is in harmony with body and soul is, on the other hand, something that I stand by and that I work on - always with gentler, safer and, at the same time, effective methods. To be able to look at yourself confidently in the mirror in the morning and literally feel good in your skin. That is how I passionately support my patients and individually accompany them through the ageing process.

The high rate of satisfaction shows me that this is the correct approach and that my intensive work to develop treatment concepts, in particular to increase volume, has been worth it.