Upper eyelids / lower eyelids

The skin of the under eyelid is especially thin. When the supporting fatty tissue changes as you age and the musculature slackens, typical tear sacks appear. At the same time, the bony structures of the eye sockets and the tear channels protrude significantly, and blood vessels are visible and form shadows that are detected as dark circles.

For this reason, increasing volume in the eye area is particularly state of the art. To combat signs of aging in the eye areas, I use a hyaluronic acid preparation that was specifically developed to treat the circles around the eye. The hyaluronic acid acts in a way that adapts to the particularities of the upper and lower eyelid tissue. It is injected in a targeted way into the deeper layers of tissue using a blunt pix’L cannula to create immediately visible effects: The upper and lower parts of the eyelid have a smoother and more even appearance. And crows’ feet and creases are softened.

Treating the eye area, including tear channels, is a very delicate treatment that’s done using the pix’L needle. Skillfully placed, hyaluronic acid creates an immediately refreshed effect for the face that lasts a particularly long time.

For heavy deep-crease wrinkles (especially frown lines), a combination treatment of hyaluronic acid with botulinum toxin is recommended. This treatment result often has an even more harmonious effect to foster an even brighter overall look for the face.