“If you look good, you feel good and, ultimately, that radiates from within.”

Katrin Dreissigacker

“It’s not about looking different, but better, with age-appropriate concepts to enhance your natural beauty.”

“Our techniques using hyaluronic acid add volume to the face, like a subtle facelift - without a scalpel.”


The futur of biohacking.
A new brand made by Katrin Dreissigacker and Danijela Schenker

Gently preserve your natural beauty

They say, ‘Beauty comes from within.’ But how you work with what you’ve got also plays a role.

At my practices in Zug, Switzerland, we work to preserve your natural beauty with less-invasive methods that manage the gradual changes in your face in an age-appropriate manner—without scalpels or pain. To do so, I have developed comprehensive treatment concepts over the years that follow holistic approaches and go far beyond conventional methods for treating wrinkles.

Administering hyaluronic acid to increase volume - the scientific focus of my work - by employing a delicate technique using a pix’L cannula. Igniting your body’s own powers of regeneration with highly effective skin boosters and skincare products.

OUR GOAL: To subtly enhance your face in an individualized way, achieving natural results and keeping one step ahead of the aging process.

individual face balance®

These pages shall give you information about the fascinating possibilities of individual face balance – from an extensive increase in facial volume using hyaluronic acid and the particularly gentle pix’L cannula to partial wrinkle treatment, microneedlingmuscle stimulationultrasound and retinol treatmentsBotox treatments and approaches for the décolleté, neck and backs of the hands.