Scar treatment (acne)

Even when acne has healed, it leaves disfiguring scars on the skin, including changes in pigment and deep-lying tissue. During treatment, these deep scars are sub-injected with hyaluronic acid and brought up to the same skin level, and even acne scars that have existed for years can still be successfully treated.

For facial scars caused by accidents or operations, more complex treatment options are often required. Sub-injections with Botox have proven to be very effective at relaxing scar tissue through finely dosed and targeted injections, and pain decreases or fully subsides.

Scar treatment can be complemented by other components, such as microneedling, ultrasound treatment, and the use of vitamin A products (such as Obagi ZO Skin Health Products).

Although a scar can never be made to disappear completely, we can often reduce it to a minimum through the gentle use of individual or combined treatments.