Cheeks / nasolabial folds

Beautifully contoured cheeks can only develop in harmony with the temple and eye area. Otherwise, there is the risk of over-correction with less attractive “apple cheeks” and visually smaller eyes. For this reason, I always match the middle and upper thirds of the face with each other whereby certain features in the upper third of the face are slightly accentuated - but only really accentuated in the same way as if you had applied a soft blusher.

Drooping cheeks can fully regain their volume by filling in the deep and surface fatty deposits with hyaluronic acid. By anatomically correctly working from the depths of the skin up to the surface and by using a precise injection, a fully natural cheek contour can be achieved that restores the typically heart-shaped structure of a young face.

Another advantage of increasing volume deep down: As a result, the nasolabial fold smooths over to a considerable extent and therefore often requires little or no follow-up treatment. The so-called nasolabial triangle—the dark shadow next to the nostrils that considerably contributes to a tired facial expression - should almost always be filled.