ZO Skin Health skin booster

The efficacy of vitamin A (retinol) in skincare is multifaceted, scientifically investigated, and undisputed. That is why I use the proven skin boosters by ZO Skin Health (Zein Obagi, M.D.) in my practice. They meet all tolerability requirements, have an ideal concentration of vitamin A, and are also packaged in such a way that the ingredient never becomes inactive.

The products can be used both preventatively for daily cosmetic skincare and for skin rejuvenation. The effect on the surface as well as to deep layers of the skin leads to a visible improvement in texture and hydration, minimizes small lines and over-sensitivities, makes pores appear smaller, and creates even pigmentation and a glowing complexion.

ZO Skin Health products are used to treat pigmentation disorders, acne, and rosacea. As the application of high concentrations of retinoids can cause skin reactions (that are wanted and expected), products by ZO Skin Health can only be prescribed by a doctor. Zein Obagi places great value on medical management when handling his company’s skincare products, which is why he supports the continuous scientific development of ZO Skin Health lines.

How does retinol work?

Vitamin A is one of the few ingredients that is proven to penetrate skin barriers and can reach the deeper layers of the skin. Production of collagen and keratinocyte (the primary skin cell found in the epidermis) are effectively stimulated, growth factors are activated, and circulation is improved. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and more resistant again. Also, melanocytes (pigments) are stabilized and the anti-aging gene on chromosome 17 is blocked. Thus, the products achieve a medically therapeutic effect that is verifiable and visible.