pix’L needle

The new pix’L needle I use in my treatments has a rounded, blunt point and only requires a tiny inlet opening on the skin’s surface. Unlike the conventional sub-injection needles that we know from medical injections that are pointy and sharp, puncture tissue, and can lead to significant bruising and swelling, the pix’L needle gently glides along the natural fiber connections once through the skin. Blood vessels and other sensitive structures are pushed out of the way and not penetrated. Using the cannula especially developed for hyaluronic acid and the different layers of tissue in the face, injecting fillers in an almost pain-free way is therefore possible - without unpleasant bruising or swelling.

Another special feature is the outlet opening of the blunt pix’L cannula: In contrast to normal cannulae, the opening is located on the side, and an even flow of hyaluronic acid is guaranteed as a result. The flexibility of the cannulae also allows for the fillers to be guided very precisely so that optimum treatment results can be achieved.