Hyaluronic acid

Targeted, efficient, natural, and long-lasting - that’s hyaluronic acid.

Not a foreign substance to the human body, the gel-like material is a natural moisture retainer that is found in the joints, the eyes, and especially in the skin. Injectable (non-animal) hyaluronic acid is produced biotechnologically and is almost identical to the substance produced by the body; the small difference prevents the body from quickly breaking it down again. Nevertheless, hyaluronic acid is exceptionally well-tolerated and is therefore excellently suited for treating skin wrinkles.

Sub-injection plumping products with collagen require an allergy test, which is why I believe hyaluronic acid is the best solution and why I favor hyaluronic acid-based products, such as Restylane and Teoxane. In the several thousand treatments that I have carried out in my practices in Cologne and Zug, both products have shown reliable, safe, and predictable results. My experience in handling hyaluronic acid has grown, helping me achieve ever-better and more natural results for the face.

The long-term effect of these products is another advantage. Injecting hyaluronic acid stimulates the body’s own collagen production in the tissue, a good part of which will last for years. On average, a follow-up treatment is only required after six to 15 months.